How Digital Technology Improves Your Orthodontic Treatment

Today’s orthodontic patients benefit greatly from the new digital imaging technology which is changing and improving dental and orthodontic practice. The technology reduces patient time in the dental chair and makes treatment more comfortable. 

Dr. Karen Reese, orthodontic specialist with Reese Orthodontics in New Hope and Chanhassen, Minnesota, has invested in digital technology to give her patients the most advanced and precise orthodontic treatment available today. 

When you visit our office, you’ll receive digital X-rays at your scheduled intervals rather than traditional X-rays with bulky films. If you’re receiving treatment for tooth straightening with Invisalign®, you’ll see 3D images of your teeth on a special digital scanner. Let’s take a closer look at this new orthodontia technology. 

Benefits of digital X-rays

Digital X-rays have several advantages over traditional X-rays. 

Almost no radiation

Dental X-rays have traditionally exposed patients to only a tiny amount of radiation, but over the years it can add up. Digital X-rays expose you to almost no radiation at all — one third to one tenth the amount of radiation in traditional X-ray film. If you’ve been concerned about radiation exposure, you needn’t be any longer. Digital X-rays are safe. 

Save time 

Your visit to Dr. Reese is efficient. When she does need to take digital X-rays, the images are produced almost immediately, saving you time in the dental chair. 

High quality

Digital X-rays are superior in quality to traditional X-rays. Dr. Reese can zoom in on a picture and adjust the contrast to help her see the area better. She’s able to see very tiny fractures and abnormalities that could have been missed when viewing a traditional X-ray. 

The digital image is much more precise than traditional X-rays. Dr. Reese is even able to detect signs of decay in the area between two intersecting teeth and lets you know it’s time for a trip to your general dentist. Digital X-rays help improve patient care. 

iTero intraoral scanner

This special digital scanner is a hit with dentists, orthodontists, and patients alike. The scanner enables Reese Orthodontics to take very accurate 3D pictures of your teeth and gums. You’ll never have to stick your mouth into a messy mold for us to get an impression of your teeth again. 

Those molds often induce a gag reflex in patients — no wonder so many shied away from going to the dentist. Plus, with the scanner you’re done with your orthodontia visits more quickly because you’re not waiting around for X-ray results. 

If you’re having your teeth straightened with the Invisalign system, you’ll experience the Invisalign Outcome Simulator 4.0, an integral part of the iTero intraoral scanner. With the simulator, Dr. Reese is able to show you how your teeth will look in the future as you progress through your Invisalign treatment. 

Seeing the results of wearing your Invisalign clear aligners is likely to increase your motivation to complete your treatment successfully. Comparing your teeth at different stages of your treatment with realistic 3D images of how they’ll look at the end is one of the benefits of modern technology. 

Call our office most convenient to you or book an appointment online today for the most advanced orthodontic treatment available. We make your comfort just as important as your orthodontia results.

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