The Digital Side of Our Dental Business

At any given time, about 4 million Americans have orthodontic braces, and millions more have had other orthodontic treatments like clear aligners to give them straight, beautiful smiles. Most people aren’t born with perfectly straight teeth, and the latest advances in orthodontic technology mean you have more options than ever before to get the smile you’ve always wanted.

Medical technology has come a long way, giving patients better access to high quality care and giving professionals the ability to personalize treatment. Dentistry is no different, and today’s technology makes orthodontic care more comfortable and more convenient than ever before.

At Reese Orthodontics in Chanhassen and New Hope, Minnesota, Dr. Karen Reese and our team offer the latest in digital dental technology to enhance your orthodontic care experience. Whether you’re in the middle of orthodontic treatment now or you’re curious about a virtual orthodontic consultation, learn more about the digital side of our dental business right here.

Digital technology offers better dental care

Beautiful smiles start with healthy teeth, and digital technology makes it easier than ever to give you both. Dr. Reese integrates digital elements into your orthodontic treatment plan, starting with the iTero intraoral scanner.

The iTero scanner painlessly creates a 3D digital image of all your teeth. With intraoral scanning, Dr. Reese can see every side of each tooth. She uses the images to plan your orthodontic treatment, and there’s no need for messy, uncomfortable impression trays. 

X-rays are another important part of dental care. The images give Dr. Reese a look at the health of your teeth below your gum line. She uses X-rays to detect signs of decay and make informed decisions about the best orthodontic treatment for you. 

At Reese Orthodontics, we use digital X-rays instead of printing X-ray images on traditional film. Digital images appear instantly on a nearby computer screen, and large, clear images are easy for our team to closely examine.

Intraoral scanning and digital X-rays give us the opportunity to provide advanced, personalized care for each patient. When it comes to orthodontic treatment, we offer a range of high-tech solutions for beautiful teeth.

From traditional braces to clear aligners to accelerated orthodontics and everything in between, there’s an orthodontic treatment that’s right for you. If you choose clear aligners, our in-office digital printing capabilities mean that your aligners could be ready the same day, eliminating another trip just to pick them up. 

We make dental care convenient

Dr. Reese and our team are proud to bring the latest dental technology to our practice, but the digital side of our business doesn’t stop there. Other advances in technology that you’ll find in our office are all here to make your orthodontic experience more comfortable and convenient.

We offer virtual orthodontic consultations so you can get a professional opinion without leaving your home. Our team uses SmileSnap for virtual consultations, and the platform is secure and HIPAA compliant.

During your virtual consultation, Dr. Reese can see your teeth, examine smile selfies, and make recommendations for treatment. Your consultation may take as little as 10 minutes, and you can learn more about your options for achieving healthier, straighter teeth. 

Ready to find out what digital technology could do for your smile? Call the Reese Orthodontics office nearest you, book your first appointment online, or start your online consultation now.

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