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Severe misalignment can be difficult and costly to fix completely once your bones are fully developed and all of your adult teeth are present. At Reese Orthodontics in Chanhassen and New Hope, Minnesota, kid-friendly orthodontist Karen Reese, DDS, MS, can evaluate your child’s bite at an early age and start early orthodontic treatment if it’s necessary. To set your child up for a successful and efficient future orthodontic treatment, call Reese Orthodontics or book an appointment online today.

Early Orthodontic Treatment Q&A

What is early orthodontic treatment?

Early orthodontic treatment is a choice you have when it comes to treating your child’s misalignment issues. Coordinating your child’s orthodontic treatment with their natural growth and development makes for lasting, controlled results. It can also help improve childhood habits like thumbsucking and correct certain speech impediments.

Early orthodontic treatment can start as young as age 6 or 7, when children start to lose their baby teeth and develop their permanent adult teeth. Using advanced digital imaging technologies, Dr. Reese can evaluate the development of your child’s teeth during an orthodontic screening around this age. This helps her decide if early orthodontic treatment is necessary for your child and which steps to take next. 

What does early orthodontic treatment entail?

Early orthodontic treatment isn’t quite the same as the orthodontic treatments you can get as an adolescent or adult. Many treatments aim to guide bone growth, so it’s often a bit more complicated than simply wearing braces. 

Your child’s early orthodontic treatment may require growth-modifying appliances. Some examples of growth-modifying appliances are:


Dr. Reese may recommend that your child wears orthodontic headgear at night to help align their upper and lower jaw. 

Palatal expanders

Palatal expanders are devices that widen your child’s upper arch. The roof of your mouth, or palate, starts out as two separate bones that grow and fuse together. With a palatal expander, you can slow down the process to make more room in your child’s mouth.


Bionators are removable appliances that your child wears over their teeth to help their lower jaw expand. It helps correct a severe overbite by pushing the lower jaw forward. 

What are the benefits of early orthodontic treatment?

Early orthodontic treatment might not completely eliminate your child’s need for braces in the future, but there are still many benefits. Some benefits of getting early orthodontic treatment include:

  • Encouraging proper bone growth
  • Making room for adult teeth to develop
  • Faster corrections in the future
  • Easier corrections in the future

Dr. Reese tells you exactly how early orthodontic treatment will benefit your child and optimize their growth. 

To schedule an early orthodontic evaluation for your child, call Reese Orthodontics or use the convenient online booking tool today.